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Plymouth University College of Art and Design 1998 HND 3D Design in Glass and Ceramics
Farnham University College of Art and Design 2000 BA 3 D Design in Glass

About David

I studied ceramics and glass at Plymouth University College of Art and Design, and glass at Farnham University College of Art and Design. I have been a practising artist for 22 years mainly making colourful lamps, bowls, and abstract sculptures until I changed to ceramics three years ago in 2019.

​While at Plymouth art college I invented a new technique in fusing glass together which enables me to make fused 3D glass sculptures. Some sculptures can have pieces of glass as thin as 3mm, these pieces can run horizontally or vertically without air pockets occurring.  To achieve this I build the mould around the glass, instead of making a mould for the glass.
But before I do this I stick the pieces of glass I have made together with super glue to get an idea of what the finished piece will look like.
I then pour quarts and plaster mix over the whole sculptor encasing it. Once dried I put it into a kiln and take the glass up to liquid so that it fuses together.

Three years ago I changed direction and started to make colourful ceramic sculptures Because I wanted to express myself better and I felt that I would achieve this better by changing to clay.
Because I like telling stories I decided to make sculptures that have two sides to them like a two-page book, with each one telling a true story. Some of my inspiration is fueled by thinking back to episodes in my life that I think were comical. The rest of my inspiration comes from deep thinking about life around us, and why we are here.
My sculptures are mainly ceramic, but I also use gold and silver leaf, liquid gold and silver, resin, paper, and jewellery. My ceramics sculptures have been described as philosophical quirky Pop Art, which are mostly humorous. 

Covid put a damper on several planned exhibitions. My first was a week at Cetrespace Gallery in Bristol November 2021 where I sold all of my remaining glass and six sculptures I also received over fifty fantastic comments. I was very surprised at it was the first time anyone had seen my work and was nervous about the response.

(This year I have had no exhibitions due to me moving from Shropshire to Devon. My studio is still in Shropshire so I am not making, and I am desperately looking for a workshop.)

3rd August 2022 to? Exhibiting at Spymass, Teignmouth, 16, Northumberland Place

Next Year so far

18th -25th November 2023 Birdwood House, Totnes


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